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College and Career Planning

Application Process

In addition to completing and submitting applications to the schools. Students must request official transcripts for all the schools to which they are applying.  These requests must be submitted electronically through the student’s Naviance account.  There is no charge for transcripts.

Please note that counselors have 10 school days from the date of the request to send transcripts, so students must put in the request at least 10 school days prior to the application deadline for their college or university.


Naviance is an online College and Career resource that the School Counseling Department uses to support students as they create their post-High School plan.  Students can search through a database of over 5,000 Colleges and Universities and can access admissions statistics on all those schools as well as detailed information on the admissions process and the offerings at each school.  This wonderful resource can help students to create a list of schools that makes sense for them both in terms of the admissions requirements and in terms of their long-term goals and plans.

Naviance also serves as the platform for students to request their transcripts and letters of recommendation for their college applications.   Both transcripts and recommendations can be sent electronically to most schools through Naviance, eliminating the need for mailing hard copies.

Lastly, Naviance provides access to a huge database of Career information.  Students can research specific careers of interest and can gather a variety of information, including the day-to-day responsibilities, the education necessary, and the salary range for a given career.  Students will also have the opportunity, through their Health classes, to complete two career inventories that link to careers that might make sense for them given their interests.

Students will receive their Naviance account information in the Spring of their freshman year when counselors go into Health classes to introduce and guide students through the system.  Parents can also request a Naviance log in by contacting their student’s counselor or Leonor Perez, one of our School Counseling Secretaries.  If any student or parent needs help with their log in or forgets their account information, they can contact their counselor for assistance.