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Student Parking

We welcome eligible students who wish to drive to school to park in a limited number of spaces on the Radnor High School campus.

Parking permits are available for 12th-grade students only. Seniors will be given the opportunity to obtain a parking permit through a selection and lottery process that takes place each summer. Students will choose from one of three options: Sharing, Semester or Lottery.

Additional parking for RHS students is available in the district's reserve parking lot at King of Prussia Road and Matsonford Road.

For official parking rules and further information, see Radnor Township School District Policy #223, Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles.

Please remember, parking on the RHS campus is a privilege. Students must follow all rules and regulations to continue this privilege.

Parking Permit Options

Where Seniors Park at RHS

A numbered hang tag will be issued and must always be displayed on the rear-view mirror while the vehicle is on campus. Eligible seniors are permitted to park in any space in the senior, creek (formally known as junior lot), and along the new road by the senior lot on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students are not permitted to park in staff spaces at any time. Starting Tuesday, September 5, all cars on campus must have a permit to park. Students who park on campus illegally will face disciplinary consequences. If a senior on the waiting list parks illegally, the student will be removed from the waiting list.

2023-24 Senior Parking Timeline

  • July: Parking letter, agreement, timeline, open campus form, and student information card mailed home to seniors.
  • Aug. 1-18: Window to submit the completed index card and open campus form to the RHS main office.
  • Aug. 22: Senior parking lottery. Assignments will be posted after lottery is complete.
  • Aug. 23-Sept. 1: Copies of the driver's license, vehicle registration, insurance information, parking fee and the competed student parking privilege agreement accepted at RHS main office. Parking permits will be distributed at the time of drop-off.
  • Sept. 1: Last day to submit paperwork for a senior spot (license, insurance, registration, student parking privilege agreement, parking fee)
  • Sept. 5: First Day of School

Required Forms for Parking Permit Pick-Up

Students selected to receive a parking permit should drop off the following driving information to Ms. Erin Robert in the main office between August 23 - September 1:

  1. Current Car Insurance Information (copy)
  2. Driver’s License (copy)
  3. Car Registration (copy)
  4. Student Parking Privilege Agreement
  5. Check made payable to "Radnor High School" for $75 (if selected via lottery) OR $37.50 per student (if selected the sharing or semester option)

Note: Those who do not submit all the appropriate paperwork or who have not resolved outstanding debts by September 1  will be placed on the waiting list.

2023-24 Open Campus Form (12th-Grade)

Student Parking Privilege AgreemenT 23-24

Parking Permit Eligibility

To be eligible, seniors must return a completed RHS Parking: Student Information Card and Open Campus Form (sent in the mail the week of July 10) to the main office between Tuesday, August 1 -  Friday, August 18 from 8:30-11:45 a.m.


  • Any senior who received an "F" as a final grade last year is ineligible for a parking permit.
  • Seniors must have their outstanding debts resolved prior to receiving their parking pass. Any senior who does not have their debts resolved by September 1 will be placed on the waiting list. Please come to the main office if you have a question regarding a debt.
  • Any senior who does not have their driver’s license prior to September 5, 2023 will be placed on the waiting list.