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Student Government

The executive branch of the student government consists of the Executive Director of Student Affairs (a senior), the Executive Vice President of Student Affairs (a junior), and two administrative assistants (one freshman and one sophomore). The class officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer), two senators from each grade, and two student school board representatives make up the rest of the student council.
The student government facilitates communication within the school among the classes and between the students and the administration. Class officers are leaders of class activities.
Elections for all offices (except those in the freshman class) take place each spring. Freshman elections take place early in the fall. Students wishing to pursue a seat on the student council submit petitions of support from classmates and prepare campaign speeches that they deliver at a town meeting. Primary and final elections determine representatives.

2021-22 Student Government Officers

Executive Branch

Student Affairs Sponsor: Mrs. Kathy Pearsall

Executive Director of Student Affairs: Tien Tran

Executive Vice President: Michael McNicholas

Administrative Assistants: Cara Ruggieri (10th) and TBD (9th)

Student Representatives to the Board of School Directors: Austin Johnson (12th) and Samantha Rosin (11th)

Class of 2022

President: Justin Nourian

Vice-President: Neya Anand

Secretary: Caroline Constable

Treasurer: Sophia Twohig

Senators: Tellian Schwarz and Gaven Williams

Faculty Sponsors: Dan Drew and Jessica Verguldi-Scott

Class of 2023

President: PJ Duffy

Vice-President: Hajoon Kim

Secretary: Amelia Dole

Treasurer: Lauren Kelley

Senators: Gerry Atkinson and Ryan Brennan

Faculty Sponsors: Chad Gaiser and Wendy Greenawalt

Class of 2024

President: Finn Ryan

Vice-President: Angel Flores

Secretary: Rona Liu-Zhong

Treasurer: Chloe Fong

Senators: Sophie Carter and William Meyer

Faculty Sponsors: Larissa Console and Joseph Funk

Class of 2025

President: Ryan Donoghue

Vice President: Amelia Hilbert

Treasurer: Sophie Green

Senators: Kaya Denhardt and Sebastian Fitzgerald

Faculty Sponsors: Amber Andrewlevich and Jordan Fink