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Spectator Guidelines

At Radnor High School sporting contests we take pride in creating a positive environment for all spectators and athletes. It is of utmost importance that ALL members in attendance promote good behavior and sportsmanship. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to development of citizenship, inclusiveness, positive recognition and equitable opportunities for learning while maximizing the achievement of educational and extra-curricular goals.

Radnor joins the PIAA and Central Athletic League in promoting good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate removal from the site of competition.

We thank everyone who comes out to support our students and our school, and look forward to another great year at Radnor High School. Go Radnor!


  • Understand your attendance is a privilege that provides an opportunity to observe an athletic contest, not to berate players, coaches, or officials.
  • Cheer for your team.
  • Encourage sportsmanship by supporting and respecting all players, coaches and officials
  • Demand that others treat players, coaches, officials and other spectators with respect regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ability.
  • Support decisions of coaches and officials.
  • Appreciate the efforts of players, coaches and officials.
  • Be generous when we win, gracious when we lose.

Don't (Grounds for immediate removal from contest and future contests):

  • Ridicule or berate players, coaches, officials, or other spectators. Engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct with officials, coaches, players or parents. This includes inappropriate comments including taunting, profanity, or gestures.
  • Participate in any behavior endangering the health or well-being of a participant.
  • Humiliate, denigrate, or intimidate, in any way, any participant or attendee. This includes chants about underclassmen.
  • Ridicule any participant for making a mistake.
  • Attempt to coach from the stands/sidelines or grandstand.
  • Confront coaches, officials, opposing fans or participants in an antagonistic manner before, during or after contest.
  • Throw ANY object onto the court/field of play.
  • Rush the field/court in protest or celebration after a contest.

Prohibited Items

  • Tobacco, electronic smoking products, alcohol, illegal or other controlled substances are expressly prohibited and law enforcement will be contacted if illegal activity is suspected.
  • Attire should be appropriate and follow school dress code per RHS Student Handbook. No body suits, covering of face and head, disruptive costumes and or inappropriate clothing is allowed.
  • Drones and pets are prohibited on campus at any time, including during sporting contests and at after school events, unless expressly permitted by Board Policy or approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee.
  • Per the PIAA: The presence and/or the use of balloons, banners, laser pointers, noisemakers, pom-poms (by spectators), shakers, signs, sirens, strips of material, towels, whistles, and/or portable listening devices (without earphones) are prohibited.

Guidelines for Seating

  • Students need to be seated in the designated student area. Student seating is always on our bench side- either behind or directly across from the team. No movement of seating for the purpose of taunting the opponent is permitted.

Theme Nights

  • Theme nights give our school the opportunity to come together in spirit to support our sports teams. Theme nights, (white outs/ black outs/ senior recognition) will be permitted as long as the theme is appropriate for the specific game and has been approved by administration. Theme nights are meant to bring the school together in a positive and fun way.


  • While the PIAA does not permit signs or posters at sporting events, “Fatheads” of our players are acceptable if they are used to cheer on the team appropriately.

RHS Student Handbook

  • All rules outlined in the RHS Student Handbook are in full effect when students attend a contest or event as a participant or spectator. Violations of the RHS Code of Conduct will be treated as if they occurred during the school day.