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Extracurricular activities, clubs, and athletics are considered a vital part of Radnor High School’s program. Research supports that the quality of a high school student's life and their academic success improves when there is some positive involvement beyond the regular school day. 

Below is a list of clubs that have been approved by the Radnor Township School Board. All clubs listed are running, or are eligible to run, during the 2023-24 school year. Students interested in starting a new club, or restarting an inactive one, should contact Assistant Principal of Student Affairs Gabriel Presley in the RHS main office.

Questions? Contact a faculty sponsor.

Interested in establishing a club/activity at RHS? View and complete club application

Fundraiser Form

Steps in Club Approval Process

Step 1: Type club request on Club Application Fillable PDF (above).
Step 2: Have club sponsor proofread and sign club request.
Step 3: Submit to Ms. Robert in the RHS Main Office.
Step 4: Mr. Presley and Dr. MacNamara review application.
Step 5: Approved forms by Dr. MacNamara are sent to the District Office for review by the Assistant to the Superintendent.
Step 6: Approved forms by the Assistant to the Superintendent are added to the next scheduled School Board Meeting agenda for final approval.
Step 7: School Board approved club may begin meeting immediately

Form will be returned to student if...

- The form is handwritten. (All applications MUST BE typed.)
- There are formatting errors. (Submitted forms must look like the form online.)
- There are grammatical errors.
- The club request is similar to a pre-existing club.


Click on a club/activity below to view its description and faculty sponsor. Contact the faculty sponsor for meeting times/location and additional information.