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Course Selection & Academic Planning

Radnor High School offers a wide variety of core subject and elective choices.  Students are encouraged to be thoughtful about the courses they choose.  All students should engage themselves in a curriculum that is appropriately rigorous, while also taking advantage of the elective offerings that are of interest. Students should review the resources below as they determine their best course of study.

RHS Program of Studies

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Course Selection Timeline

  • Monday, January 30 -Friday, February 10, 2023: Core subject teachers (math, science, social studies, English, and world language) will enter their recommendations for next year’s courses.
  • Monday, February 13 through Friday, February 17, 2023: Students enter their elective choices.  Students should enter a back-up elective choice for every first choice they enter. 
  • Monday, February 20-Wednesday, March 8, 2023: Once core subject and elective choices are entered, school counselors will meet with students individually during their Social Studies Classes to review courses for the following year.
  • Friday, April 14, 2023: Deadline for students to make changes to their course requests for the 2022-22 school year.
  • Friday, April 14, 2023- until the Release of Schedules in mid August: No changes to courses/requests will be honored from April 22 through release of schedules.
    • The only schedule changes that will be permitted include: students newly admitted to RHS, scheduling errors, academic misplacements by the teacher, school counselor, or administration.  Academic misplacements include, but are not necessarily limited to, failure to meet prerequisites or an improper level placement.  Requests to change courses of this nature will be handled by the School Counseling Department.
  • Release of Schedules (anticipated in August 2023)-September 5, 2023: Changes to course requests will be honored during this period. Students should reach out to their school counselor via email, as school counselors are only in the building intermittently throughout the summer. School counselors will do their best to honor change requests made during this period, but these requests are not guaranteed as they will be dependent on availability of seats in the requested class(es) and the ability to fit the requested course(s) in the student’s schedule.
  • September 5-September 25, 2023: No changes to course requests will be honored.
  • September 25, 2023-Beyond: Schedule changes are permitted as long as the student follows the steps and rules outlined in the RHS Program of Studies.

Course Changes

  • To make a change to a core subject recommendation, first talk to your current teacher.  If your teacher is in agreement with the change, ask your teacher to complete a teacher recommendation change form.
  • If your teacher is not in agreement with the change in recommendation, an override form must be submitted to your school counselor.  Please see your school counselor for an override form.
  • If you would like to make a change to an elective course, please see your school counselor. 

Graduation Requirements by Department

English – Four Courses Minimum (4 credits)

  • 9th Grade English or Integrated Gov & Econ
  • World Literature of Global Issues
  • American Literature or Viewpoints
  • British/Modern Lit, AP English or Senior Seminar

Social Studies – Three Courses Minimum (3 credits)

  • Government and Economics or Integrated Gov & Econ
  • World Studies, AP World History, or Global Issues
  • American Studies, AP American History or Viewpoints

Math – Three Courses Minimum (3 credits)

Science – Three Courses Minimum (3 credits)

Health and PE – Four Years/Courses Minimum (3 credits)

  • PE 9 & Health 9
  • Swimming & Health 10
  • PE 11/12 Individual or Teams

Technology/Business – One Course Minimum (0.5 credits)

Arts & Humanities Electives - Two Credit Minimum (at least 0.5 credits performing arts, fine arts or FACS)

Additional Electives – 4 credits total

Total Minimum Credits Required For Graduation: 22.5 credits

When selecting courses, students should consider:

  • Balance of ability and rigor
  • Are courses based on interests and future career/college plans?
  • Graduation requirements and pre-requisites
  • Number of credits – all students must take a minimum of 6.5 credits every year

School counselors are available throughout the year to discuss course selection, academic planning, and course changes. Find your counselor

Delaware County Technical School

Tenth through twelfth grade students have the opportunity to take courses at the Delaware County Intermediate Unit Delaware County Technical School (DCTS).  This is a half day program designed to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities through meaningful career training and a foundation for lifelong learning.

Each course is an extension of the high school program and elective credits towards high school graduation will be awarded. There are several clusters for students to choose from (see below).  Students attend all academic courses at Radnor High School in the afternoon.

  • Construction Technology
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Human Services
  • Health and Bio Sciences
  • Logistics, Distribution and Transportation
  • Engineering and Computer Science

For more information about DCTS, and details regarding the clusters listed above, please visit the DCIU webpage.

Medical Careers

Medical Careers is an opportunity offered through DCTS for twelfth grade students only.  Students who are interested in pursuing a post-secondary institution for health care should consider attending.  This selective program is designed to give students hands-on experience while also taking academic courses related to the health industry. Students spend a portion of their day at a local hospital for a curriculum that includes lectures, patient care skills and clinical rotations.  Students in the Medical Careers program receive two honors credits.  Applications for the 2022-23 school year are due on February 22.  For more information about Medical Careers or to submit your application, please contact school counselor Amy Wess.