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Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in approaching the RHS PTO for funding!

Please complete the online application form below, or submit a paper grant application and submit to: RHS PTO mailbox attn: PTO GRANT COORDINATOR

If the applicant has not already, the RHS PTO Grant Coordinator will forward the application for primary consideration to the RHS Administration. Upon approval at the building level, the Grant Coordinator will guide the application through additional vetting as applicable. Once the grant has been reviewed by the PTO Executive Board the Grant Coordinator may request answers to any additional questions that may have been raised by the RHS PTO Exec Board, RHS or RTSD Administration before a final decision is made for the grant. 

Guidelines for Grant and Project Funding

  • Radnor High School (RHS) teachers, staff members, and organizations & clubs are encouraged to request funds through the PTO Grant program. The program supports ideas and initiatives that directly benefit and enhance the Radnor High School Community.
  • Applicants must request funding at least one month prior to the planned event/program and be prepared to discuss the request, how many students it would benefit, as well as overall impact on RHS. The approval process takes time but is rolling throughout the year rather than set application dates and deadlines. Please reach out to the Grant Coordinator if you have any questions.
  • Grant awards may vary year to year, based on the current year PTO budget. The PTO Executive Board, at its discretion, may cap awards at a set amount, give preference to new applicants over returning applicants, and/or request that applicants seek additional funding sources.
  • PTO grants are meant to cover unmet needs that fall outside of departmental funding. If the PTO cannot fund a request or provide the entire sum, applicants should seek other sources, such as Radnor Education Foundation, or other school funding.
  • Grant applicants will follow RTSD Guidelines for awarding grants.   
  • RHS PTO requests detailed documentation to accompany the application. Documentation may include: detailed description of the program/project including short and long-term impact on RHS Community; several bids/quotes on the program/project/proposed purchase; 
  • Applicants need to know RHS PTO expects acknowledgement and recognition of grant funding through school and/or local social media, press, signage, and or program communications.  Photo documentation of the project/program should be submitted to the PTO via email.
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