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Working Together to Keep Students Safe and Secure

In light of Tuesday’s terrible tragedy in Uvalde, TX, we wish to remind our families of the security measures in place at our schools. We have also shared related resources and supports with our school staff they can use to assist students who may need help. 

Families can view our general safety protocols here, which include:

  • The district requires that all doors remain locked during the school day. Staff know to not open doors for visitors and ensure they go through the proper entrance procedures. 
  • Via an outdoor video intercom system, visitors to Radnor Middle School and Ithan, Radnor and Wayne Elementary schools are required to provide their identity to main office staff before being permitted to enter the building. 
  • A full-time security guard staffs the entrance vestibule at Radnor High School. Visitors are not permitted access to the school without providing their identity for clearance through the school’s Raptor background check system. 
  • Each school is equipped with a Delaware County Panic Alarm School System (DelPASS), which allows school administrators to quickly and quietly alert authorities to emergency situations 

All of our schools also utilize CrisisGo, an app installed on staff members’ devices that allows for swift and comprehensive notification of all staff to emergency situations such as lock downs, lock outs, evacuations, life threatening medical emergencies, and any other incidents requiring a large-scaled coordinated response. The Radnor Police also utilize CrisisGo, so when an alert is sent for a real event, not a drill, the police receive a notification in real time. This helps cut down on police response time in a real emergency. Faculty meetings and other trainings on CrisisGo have ramped up in recent months led by administration from RMS, which began piloting the app in 2019. Our plan is to increase the app’s regular use next school year for attendance-taking during evacuation drills, lock down and lock out drill alerts. 

Difficult moments such as these also call on us to be aware of professional guidance on how to assist students who may need additional help. The National Association of School Psychologists provides the following tips for parents and educators:

  • Reassure children they are safe and review safety procedures 
  • Create a sense of safety by returning to normal, predictable routines as soon as possible 
  • Make time to talk and listen to the concerns and feelings of children 
  • Limit the use of media consumption of these events to lower their stress and to maintain balance and perspective 
  • Realize that sleep difficulties are common and can lead to fatigue and poor participation 

Additionally, Common Sense Media offers tips on How to Talk to Kids about School Shootings. Our school psychologists and social workers have also been asked to be available in case a need arises to support our school counselors and building administrators as necessary.
We all must remain vigilant and observant to keep our schools and community safe. If any student, staff member, or community member sees something that makes them feel uncomfortable or raises alarm, please notify school or district administration immediately. It doesn’t matter how small something may seem. Reports can also be submitted using Safe2SaySomething. We thank our entire community for continuing to work together to keep our students safe.

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