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Update on ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project

The construction of the two-story field house between Encke and Prevost fields at Radnor High School

With the school year underway and as we navigate new traffic patterns at Radnor High School, we as a district wanted to provide an update on the ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project at RHS as well as information on the project’s history. 

The Need for the Project

The $29.7 million ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project at RHS addresses outdated and inaccessible facilities at Prevost and Encke fields, including new code-compliant bleacher seating on both fields, new walkways/ramps, and an adequately sized concession stand/field house central to both fields.

The project also includes a Wellness addition with a Fitness Center and classrooms; air conditioning in the main gym; upgrades to the RHS pool area and locker rooms/bathrooms; a family restroom; space for a new Radnor History and Spirit Gallery; practical and welcoming entryways; and ADA parking, among other improvements. 

All of these items address the below needs that were previously shared in an email to staff and families in November 2019. These items were also reviewed in a presentation provided at the May 7, 2019 Facilities Committee meeting (watch).   

  • The Prevost Field bleachers were more than 55 years old  
  • The Prevost Field bleachers were not ADA compliant 
  • The Prevost Field bleacher structural supports were degrading 
  • The ramp leading to the Prevost Field bleachers was not ADA compliant 
  • The bleacher railings at Prevost Field were not to current code 
  • The Prevost Field turf was 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement 
  • The Prevost Field track was 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement 
  • The RHS pool is more than 48 years old 
  • The viewing area for the pool is not ADA compliant 
  • The pool locker rooms need renovations 
  • The seating and access to Encke Field was 34 years old and not ADA compliant 
  • The steps at Encke Field were not to current code 
  • There are not enough bathroom facilities for Prevost and Enke fields 
  • The few bathroom facilities that exist are not ADA compliant 
  • The concession stands were in poor condition and not ADA compliant 
  • The high school fitness room is undersized and not ADA compliant 
  • The main gym, auxiliary gym and wrestling room are not air conditioned 

We are truly excited for all that is to come at RHS.

Who Will Be Impacted by the Project? 

All students and visitors will benefit from the renovations. In addition to our general student body, community members, families, and alumni who visit our campus, the following is a sampling of specific teams and groups at RHS that utilize the facilities undergoing renovations.

  • Band 
  • Boys and Girls Soccer 
  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse
  • Cheer 
  • Crew 
  • Field Hockey 
  • Football 
  • Swimming and Diving 
  • Tennis 
  • Track and Field 

Upon completion of the project, currently estimated for Fall 2022, thousands of these and all students, their families, and all community members from Radnor and surrounding school districts will experience fully accessible, navigable, and renewed facilities developed using the principals of “inclusive design.”

Current Progress of the Project 

We are confident in the progress of the ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project at RHS to date. We faced a need for $660,000 in contingency costs over the summer due to the discovery of regulated soil during excavation, as well as the need to relocate and replace a 500-foot section of our original water main line. Fortunately, $1.6 million was budgeted for unforeseen variables at the project’s approval. Below is a list of the completed aspects of the project as of Sept. 10, 2021. 

  • Demolition 
    • Prevost bleachers 
    • Prevost turf 
    • Track surfacing 
    • Encke concrete bleachers  
    • Encke fencing 
  • Site preparation, selective tree removal, storm water management preparations, earth moving and excavation 
  • Massive foundation and formwork for retaining walls and connective ramp systems (continuing)
  • Site work including underground, electrical, fiber, and plumbing rough-ins 
  • Storm water system site installations (continuing) 
  • Spring water collection/diverter 
  • Field house footers, below grade mechanical rough-ins, cement flatwork, blockwork, and steel structural framing 
  • Construction of Encke bleacher walls and backfill 
  • Relocation of soil from Prevost to hill at Creek Field. 
  • Water main section replacement and reopening of the high school access drive

Anticipated Progress of the Project 

We are on schedule to complete the ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project at RHS by Fall 2022. Below is the anticipated schedule of completion for various aspects of the project.  

  • Prevost Field 
    • Relocation of soils from Prevost to Creek fields: July-Oct. 2021 
    • Excavate and install storm water retention system under field: Sept.-Oct. 2021 
    • Delivery and installation of Astroturf: Oct.-Nov. 2021 
      • Note: The turf installation will be taking place during football season and will not be completed for home football games this season. 
    • Track preparation, field fencing, scoreboards and bleachers: Oct. 2021-March 2022 
    • Top surfacing track: March-May 2022 
  • Encke bleachers: April-Nov. 2021 
  • Accessibility plazas and ramp work between Encke and Prevost: July-Dec. 2021 
  • Field house construction: June 2021-June 2022 
  • Wellness addition, fitness center, new classrooms, team locker rooms: Sept. 2021-Sept. 2022 
  • Natatorium, History and Spirit Gallery, and interior modifications (gym AC): March-Nov. 2022 
  • Maintenance Yard and final high school access drive surfacing: Oct. 2021-August 2022 
  • Completion of tennis court loop and resurfacing of courts: June-Nov. 2022 

We hope this update was informational for our community, and look forward to continuing our progress toward a renovated and accessible Radnor High School. Thank you for your patience and support.

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