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RHS Latin Students Excel in Mythology Exam

In March 2023, Radnor High School Latin students in levels 3-AP sat for a national myth exam called the National Medusa Mythology Exam. The Medusa Mythology Exam is given annually to over 3,000 students in approximately 100 schools nationally and internationally.  Founded in 1998, the Medusa Mythology Exam allows students worldwide the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and excellence in the field of Greco-Roman mythology and to be recognized accordingly; to encourage students pursuing the study of mythology; and to enable students to better understand the contemporary world through a richer knowledge of the ancient world. While the exam content varies each year in accordance with a changing theme, it consistently showcases a broad range of ancient Greco-Roman mythological themes and characters that meaningfully reflect the cultural narratives of classical antiquity, including those that have historically been under-represented (e.g., the stories of mythological women).

Congratulations to the following RHS students for their awards:

James Haussman - Maxima Cum Laude (medalist)
Lauren Yoo - Maxima Cum Laude (medalist)
Theodore He - Magna Cum Laude
William Curley - Magna Cum Laude
William Liu - Magna Cum Laude
Cole Kelman - Magna Cum Laude
Quinn O'Donovan - Cum Laude
Arav Menon  - Cum Laude
Abby Frey - Cum Laude
Christopher Goncher - Cum Laude
Anthony Tropeano - Cum Laude
Bridget Walsh - Cum Laude