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Class of 2023 Seniors Recognized at June 5 Scholarship and Awards Ceremonies

Congratulations to the dozens of Radnor High School seniors who were recognized for their outstanding achievements with a variety of awards at the school's annual Senior Recognition Night! The ceremony was held in the RHS Auditorium and was immediately preceded by the Radnor High School Scholarship Fund's scholarship awards ceremony held in the cafeteria courtyard, where 22 seniors were awarded scholarships by the organization.

View photos from both events: 2023 RHSSF Ceremony | Senior Recognition Night
Radnor High School Scholarship Fund 2023 Scholarship Awardees

The Class of 2023 RHSSF recipients and scholarships are:

  • Eleanor Adams (Ruth Stevens Tewksbury Scholarship)
  • Yeshfa Ahmad (Radnor Community Scholarship)
  • Christopher Anderson (Buck Family Scholarship)
  • Teddy Bazyar (Meryl and Ben Zuckerman Memorial Scholarship)
  • Matthew Brown (LeBoutillier Scholarship)
  • Brynn Carrigan ((Radnor PTO Scholarship)
  • Julia Carvalho (Class of 1969 Scholarship)
  • Ethan Catoe (Michael Ryan Finley Memorial Scholarship)
  • Alexander Cheung (Ithan PTO Scholarship)
  • Margaux Colonna (Mary E. Lee Memorial Scholarship)
  • Marc Gabay (Radnor Tribute Scholarship)
  • Allen Huang (John C. Crosby Scholarship)
  • Syed Hussain (Radnor Community Scholarship)
  • Kwangjun Jung (John L. Dale Scholarship)
  • Ajaevia Keith (Muriel Hopp Memorial Scholarship)
  • Marco Kelly (Rotary Club of Wayne Scholarship)
  • Paige Leflar (Radnor Community Scholarship)
  • Levy Morrison (Davison Family Memorial Scholarship)
  • Mekhi Postell (Art Lewis Scholarship)
  • Aidan Roselle (Peter Sampson Memorial Scholarship)
  • Olivia Shieh (John DeFlaminis Leadership Scholarship)
  • Jillian Spiller (Garrett Hill/Wes Adams/Ellis Dwyer Scholarship)

The Class of 2023 Senior Awards and Recipients are:

The Alumni Association Award: PJ Duffy and Lauren Kelley
The Alumni Association of Radnor High School gives an award annually to seniors who demonstrate academic excellence, a deep commitment to the extracurricular life of the school, and a love for the school community.

The American Legion School Award: Julia Carvalho, Achille Heywood and Tommy DeShan
This award is a presented to seniors in recognition of their courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service.

The Athletic Alumni Award: Amir Byrd, Ethan Catoe, Amelia Dole, Meghan Dole, Cooper Mueller, Danny Rosenblum, Max Rubenstein, Jacob Shalev, Gardner Sheehan, and Matt Wolfington
This award recognizes seniors with four or more Varsity letters in three or more sports.

The Best Actor Award: Madeleine Kane
This award is given to one student who participated in Radnor Actors Workshop; achieved artistic excellence within Theatre courses; and has shown exceptional dedication, artistry, and leadership. This actor displays clear superiority in the art of acting.

The BJ Dillon Memorial Art Award: Alexander Ji
B.J. Dillon, a member of the Class of 1992, was a great guy with a wonderful character. He created art for the sheer joy of being creative and in so doing, became an excellent artist during his four years at Radnor High School.  For B.J., the art room was a place of comfort and refuge.  This award is given in B.J.’s memory to a student who exemplifies his creative and artistic excellence.  Hard-working and extremely talented, this student has also found the art room to be a place of calm and serenity.

The Carolyn Jeffrey Sherman Senior Award: Edith MacKenzie
Carolyn Sherman was a respected and beloved teacher of Social Studies at Radnor High School, where she spent her entire career, from 1962-1999. She taught Radnor’s first AP European History class in 1970 and continued teaching this course until she retired. On the 20th anniversary of her passing, the first annual Carolyn Jeffery Sherman Award is presented to a senior student who demonstrates academic excellence and intellectual curiosity in the areas of history and/or the humanities, who values learning for learning’s sake, and who is a person of exemplary character.

The Class of 2012 Award: Kadijatu Turay
This award was established for high school seniors who have shown resilience and determination in overcoming difficult obstacles to completing their high school education. The class of 2012 overcame many of their own obstacles as they traveled through the halls of Radnor High School, but always persevered, keeping their heads held high. 

The Congressional Scholar Awards: Caden Cleffi and Naomi Gross
These awards are given to the female and male senior athletes with the highest GPA in their class. 

The Cresson Scholarship: Yeshfa Ahmad, Guinevere Dunn, Raphael Fagundes, Allen Huang, Erin Jibu, Mirena Ordonez Lopez, Ines Miraka, Levy Morrison, Rasanee Thapa, and Kadijatu Turay
The Cresson scholarship was the first scholarship established for the school. The scholarship was endowed by Miss Sara Lloyd of Philadelphia in 1916 in memory of her mother. Criteria for the scholarship include citizenship, academic achievement, character, and activities.

The Dan Nichter Award: Ines Miraka
In the words of Mr. Rogers: “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero.” This award was created in honor of Mr. Daniel Nichter, a longtime guidance counselor, coach and friend of the community who retired from Radnor High School in 2006 after 32 years of dedication and service to the school district. In appreciation of his kindness, generous spirit, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the success and well-being of Radnor’s students, this award is given to a student who has persevered and overcome hardships on the path to graduation.

The DAR Good Citizenship Award: Luciano Chadha
This award is given to a senior who exhibits the qualities of Honor, Service, Courage, and Patriotism.

The Dick Jackman Award: Luciano Chadha
This award is given to the senior athlete who most clearly exhibits the satisfaction gained, not merely in reaching one’s personal best but also in unselfishly supporting the achievements of others.

The Dreer Memorial Scholarship: Marica Ximenes
The William Dreer Memorial Scholarship was established under a trust in 1936 by Mr. Dreer’s widow and is the second oldest scholarship available to Radnor High School.  The scholarship winner must major in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, or environmental science.

The Ellis Dwyer Award: Akahi Heywood
This award is given to the senior boy who has contributed to the Radnor High School community through athletic excellence and school spirit.

The Ethel Encke Award: Olivia Brubaker
This award is given to the senior girl who has made exceptional athletic contributions to Radnor High School, particularly one who has not only demonstrated persistent endeavor and courage in maintaining her own high principles and those of the school, but who has also attained the ultimate achievement through the joy of effort.

The Ethics Bowl Award: Skyler Le and Elizabeth Johnstone
This award is presented to seniors who helped our team prepare for the Delaware Valley Regional Competition in February and those who represented our school there. Preparing for the ethics bowl is a grueling, intellectually challenging task. These young men and woman worked hard to understand fifteen extremely complex cases and to be able to illuminate the ways that we, as an ethical society, should view the situations the cases describe.

The Future Leaders of America Award: Mia Xie
FBLA is a national organization that provides innovative leadership development programs to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. Participation in FBLA can have a direct impact on the direction and success of a young person’s career. Millions of students have learned through active membership in FBLA about the world of business and what is expected of them in the workplace. There are nearly 190,000 active members in over 12,000 chartered chapters in 50 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, U.S. Territories, and foreign chapters worldwide.

The Gemma Duffy Scholarship Award: Jillian Spiller
Gemma Grace Duffy was a graduate of the Class of 2011. After graduation she attended Temple University and graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in business. Gemma loved Radnor High School and was an active member of the Band and Jazz Band and was Drum Major her senior year.  Her love of life and desire to achieve her goals motivated her to excel in whatever she did.  Gemma passed away at the age of 25 on Christmas night 2017 in a car accident.  A happy girl with a zest for life that maybe didn't fit the typical Radnor academic student, but believed anything is possible with hard work and a positive attitude. The recipient of this award exemplifies the kindness and zest for life that Gemma showed.

The Histrio De Honoris Award: Sophia Kaisermann
Harry Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit.” This award, which translates to An Actor of Honor, is given to one student actor who has demonstrated honor, kindness, humility, respect, and integrity. Recipients of this award might not be the ones who have a lead or are in the spotlight. They work quietly, respectfully, and optimistically, in all endeavors. They are quick to volunteer for any theatrical task, and often help others. Successful theatre absolutely depends upon people like this, and they never seek glory, attention, or any other egotistical reward. They simply fill the world with love, in all their endeavors and interactions.

The Hi-Q Award: Skyler Le
Radnor Hi-Q is an academic quiz competition team. This award recognizes not only the commitment to know more than your opponent, but also a commitment to intellectual diversity, academic determination, and scholarly leadership.

The Honor "R" Awards: PJ Duffy, Sabina Eraso, Carson Feinberg, Jackson Hicke, Edith MacKenzie, Samantha Rosin, Christopher Tyburski, Kyle Wang, Mia Xie, and Paige Yurchak
These awards are given each year to those seniors who have been outstanding in athletics, who have participated in a variety of sports, who have contributed to the honor and good name of Radnor through their excellent sportsmanship, and who are in the upper half of their class in scholastic achievement. 

The Integrity Award: Mirena Ordonez Lopez
This award is bestowed by an anonymous Radnor alumnus. As a graduating senior, this individual received an anonymous donation to provide financial support as he and his family faced some difficult times. He would like to provide the same support to a student displaying the same resiliency he displayed.

The Jules Prevost Award: Danny Rosenblum
This award is given to the senior boy who best exemplifies the characteristics of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship which were so much a part of the life of Jules Prevost.

The Luke Teehan Memorial Scholarship: Zoe Simone-Dobin
Luke was a very special young man who was a member of the Class of 1982 who lost his life in an automobile accident.  Luke’s life and death taught us that we will all be remembered for what we give to others, and not only for what we have achieved.  Luke Teehan made us understand that it is important to care about others, to enjoy people, and to help them enjoy life.  The person to receive the Luke Teehan Memorial Scholarship Award best exemplifies those special qualities of human concern seen in Luke’s life. 

The Marge McCone Award: Angela Esgro
This award is given to the senior girl who exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship, loyalty, commitment and putting the team first.

The Mary Carter Award: Olive Richter
Mary Carter was a teacher and principal in the Radnor schools from 1927-1969. The Mary Carter award is presented to the senior who has been a model of excellence in scholarship, interest in activities and service to the school community.

The Mick Gwynn Research Award: Jessica Wang
This award was established by Radnor High School teacher Lucia Samblas in memory of her late husband, Mick Gwynn. Mick was a beloved husband and father and a highly respected colleague at GlaxoSmithKline. Most of his long career was working in antibacterial research. Mick served on the team that discovered Augmentin. He continued to develop drugs to treat and possibly cure life threatening diseases. He was a diligent scientist with an excellent work ethic. This award is given to a student interested in pursuing a career in science that embodies the same passion for research as Mr. Gwynn.

The Model United Nations Award: Gerry Atkinson, Lauren Kelley, and Edith MacKenzie
Model United Nations is a club that allows students to gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and to debate real life issues that currently face world leaders.  By assuming the roles of UN representatives from different countries,  students come to comprehend the true spirit of the United Nations, one which seeks to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues including peace and security and economic and social progress. This year’s recipients embody the spirit of the UN with their enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to Radnor’s Model UN program. 

The Mrs. Springer "Spirit" Award: Brooke Struyk
This award is given to the senior girl who exhibits great team spirit and an overall Radnor Spirit. 

The National School Color Guard Award: John Church and Jillian Spiller
This award honors the outstanding contributions of members of the color guard. It honors the musical contributions and dedication of student leaders whose example inspires others.

The National John Philip Sousa Award: Hannah Yao
In recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.

The National Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Emmett Hillman
In recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of jazz as demonstrated through superior musicianship, character, and individual creativity.

The National School Marching Band Award: Gavin Slate
This award recognizes outstanding contributions on the field. It honors the musical contributions and dedication of student leaders whose example inspires others.

The National Merit Scholarship Awards: Leon Chen, Alexander Cheung, Sabina Eraso, Alexander Goldstein, Emily Holtz, Elizabeth Johnstone, Skyler Le, Edith MacKenzie, Jason Sungwoo Oh, Anne-Aurora Rayer, Zoe Simone-Dobin, Anton Skvortsov, Christopher Tyburski, Jessica Wang, Mia Xie, Lauren Yoo, and Christopher Zhao
These students were selected as National Merit semifinalists

The National Patrick S. Gilmore Award: Mia Xie
Patrick Gilmore is considered the “Father of the American Concert Band.” He played for every president of his day, including Abraham Lincoln.  He was the music director for the dedication of the Statue of Liberty.  He also made some of the earliest recordings at Thomas Edison’s laboratory in New Jersey. 

The National Woody Herman Jazz Award: Kwang Jun Jung
Woody Herman led a series of bands from 1936 to 1987 and was noted for hiring young musicians who would later become leading jazz performers. 

The Nicole Cottone-Obenski Award: Peter Bragdon and Jillian Spiller
This award was established in honor of Nicole Cottone Obenski, a beloved member of the Radnor High School faculty from 2013-2019.  Nicole had a zest for life. She lived each and every day to the fullest, with purpose. It truly brought her joy to help others. Nicole’s thoughtfulness knew no bounds—it was constant, as was her ability to love. She was a compassionate person, always putting others ahead of herself.  For this reason, teaching was her true calling and being in the Radnor family was an essential part of her life. When Nicole was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer, her outlook and approach towards life did not change. She always stayed true to herself in the face of adversity. Cancer could never change the beautiful person she was or the remarkable way she treated others.  In her weakest moments, she took on life’s greatest challenges with an unimaginable amount of strength and determination. She would tell you there is no failure if you give it all you have. It’s not how long you live, but how well you live. Nicole had accomplished far more in her 35 years than most can in a lifetime. Her fearlessness and fight live on in the name of this scholarship.  If you could define Nicole in one word it would be, selfless. That was her gift. May the Nicole Cottone-Obenski Memorial Scholarship be awarded to the deserving seniors who exemplify these same traits.

The Outstanding Female Athlete Award: Meghan Dole

The Outstanding Male Athlete Award: Cooper Mueller

The Perfect Attendance Award: Zoe Simone-Dobin

The Peter Henkel ATTR Award: Michael McNicholas
The ATTR award is being granted to a deserving senior who over the past four years embodied the qualities of their classmate, Peter Henkel. This student in their every day demeanor exemplifies a love of learning, a courageous heart, endless grit, determination against all odds, an inclusive attitude, and above all else a sense of humor.

The Phi Beta Kappa Award: Naomi Gross
Phi Beta Kappa National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity offers an award to the senior whose excellence in academic achievement has earned the highest GPA in the graduating class.

The PTO Anna Moffo Award: Coralie Bilello
Anna Moffo was a world-famous soprano who sang not only on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, but also on the stages of all the important European Opera Houses. She was a 1950 graduate of Radnor High School. This award is presented in her honor to a senior who has shown outstanding vocal musicianship and leadership skills.

The PTO Art Award: Emily Holtz
This award is presented to an outstanding art student who has created consistently exceptional work within the art department. In addition, his work has raised the art consciousness of the school community as students and staff alike have noticed and responded to his work.  He worked hard to expand his knowledge of the history of art and the process of making art. He is also committed to including the visual arts in his post high school plans.

The PTO Business Education Award: Gardner Sheehan
This award is granted each year to an individual who has actively been engaged in the full spectrum of business classes at Radnor High School and whose performance has been outstanding in all.

The PTO Career & Technical Award: Afiyah Abdul Azeez and Alexander Schrad
Career and Technical Education provides hands-on applied learning experiences that build academic knowledge, problem solving skills, employment, and specific career skills. This award is given to seniors who demonstrate exceptional ability in their technical field, exhibit citizenship and display a strong work ethic.

The PTO Family & Consumer Sciences Award: Mecca Terry
This award goes to a young lady who is a skilled chef and baker. During her senior year, she successfully completed both Essentials of Cooking and Creative Cooking classes.  She was an absolute pleasure to have in class!

The PTO Instrumental Award: Ian Sun
This award is given to an outstanding instrumentalist in both band and orchestra over four years.

The PTO Jesse Zerr Award: Madeleine Kane
Dr. Jesse Zerr was a long time and beloved teacher at Radnor High School. He founded the Meistersingers and championed the art of choral music at Radnor High School.  This award is given to a senior who has been outstanding in the field of music during their four years at Radnor High School.

The PTO Lois Adams Award: Finn Elizardi and Emmett Hillman
This award is given each year to honor Lois Adams, a former Director of Student Services for Radnor Township School District. The graduating seniors who receive this award demonstrate honorable personal qualities. The recipients of this year’s award contributed positively to the school and the community at large, and demonstrated great effort in academics, extra-curricular activities, and personal relationships.

The PTO Mathematics Award: Skyler Le
The Mathematics Department award goes to a student whose enthusiasm for, and love of, mathematics has been demonstrated both in and outside of the classroom. This student has truly been an inspiration to both classmates and mathematics teachers.  We are grateful for the lasting impression this student has made.

The PTO Physical Education Awards: Matthew Brown, Keaton Monaghan, and Mary Sareen
This award is presented to outstanding physical education students. These students exemplify great work ethic, leadership, and sportsmanship.

The PTO Rose Ferdinand English Award: Eleanor Adams and Samantha Rosin
The English award is named in honor of longtime Radnor English teacher Rose Ferdinand, who embodied a love of literature that the English department promotes. Our winner would make Mrs. Ferdinand proud, as he consistently displayed a passion for reading and a superior aptitude for the study of literature.

The PTO Scholarship Award: Claudia Morales
This award goes to the student who has demonstrated the greatest academic improvement from sophomore to junior year.

The PTO Science Awards
These awards are given to three students in the graduating class who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their respective disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics.  These individuals have taken the most challenging courses and have consistently excelled.  Their teachers have recognized conscientious preparation, meticulous concern for accuracy, leadership skills, and the ability to solve challenging problems.

  • Biology: Naomi Gross
  • Chemistry: Allen Huang
  • Physics: Skyler Le

The PTO Social Studies Award: Claudia Gelles
The Social Studies Department recognizes and honors the student who has displayed academic excellence in social studies.  This student has shown an understanding of history and has performed in a consistent and outstanding fashion in the most challenging social studies courses.

The PTO Technology & Engineering Education Award: Aidan Ryder
This award is for a student or students who have excelled at several of the courses offered in the department and plan to continue their education in engineering or technology. The student has displayed conceptual and technical knowledge and understanding that has made them stand out among his classmates.  

The PTO Theater Arts Awards: Anushka Dixit, Carson Moore, and Mekhi Postell
The recipients of the Radnor High School Theatre Award have exhibited outstanding growth and artistry in theatre classes and productions.

The PTO World Language Awards
These awards are given for consistently outstanding achievement in the world languages.

  • French: Elizabeth Johnstone
  • German: Maximilian Mueller
  • Latin: Christopher Goncher
  • Spanish: Eleanor Adams and Mia Xie

The RADTV Jim Talone Award: Yeshfa Ahmad, Farnaz Bazyar, John Church and Sophia Kaisermann
Former English teacher, Jim Talone, was the driving force behind the creation of our television studio during his years at Radnor High School. As a tribute to his commitment to this program, each year RADTV honors seniors who demonstrate his same passion for video production.

The Radnor Actors Workshop Award: John Church and Michael McNicholas
The recipient of this award has shown commitment to the development of acting skills in many varied roles in Radnor Actors Workshop productions.  Their growth as an actor has been substantial, and they have shown exceptional, proactive, and mature leadership as they enhanced a multitude of performances, through their years in the Fall Play and Whose Line Is It, Anyway? for Radnor Actors Workshop, not necessarily as leads.

The Radnor Math Club Award: Skyler Le and Lauren Yoo
Each year the Mathematics Department recognizes one outstanding student by acknowledging their contribution, commitment, and outstanding service to the Radnor Math Club and the mathematics community at large. This year’s recipient excelled in all areas recognized by this award.  His commitment to the club and his excellent performance at competitions throughout his time at Radnor High School have been outstanding.

The Radnor Orchestra Award: Jason Sungwoo Oh
This award is given to an exceptional musician, who exemplifies musicianship, service, leadership, community, working with or on behalf of others. This award is given to a musician, who participated in the school orchestra and has shown dedication and sense of camaraderie within the ensemble.

The National School Orchestra Award: Leon Chen
In recognition of singular merit and outstanding contributions to the success of the school orchestra, for displaying an unusual degree of loyalty and cooperation, and for exemplifying that high standard of conduct that is the aim of the school instrumental program.

The Radnor Technical Theater Award: Teddy Bazyar and Carson Moore
The recipients of this award have exhibited outstanding growth, artistry, and leadership in the technical aspects of the stage crew in Radnor productions and events.

The Radnorite Award: Samantha Rosin
Radnorite, the school newspaper, encourages all students to write articles for the monthly publication but it is the editorial staff that creates the beautiful, finished product. This year’s staff showed great integrity and very real courage in striving to be the voice of Radnor, even when the views and opinions expressed were sometimes not popular. Many thanks for their time and effort. 

The Rebecca Hutton Bradbeer Award: John Church
Rebecca Hutton Bradbeer was the first quadriplegic to graduate from Radnor High School.  This award is given in her honor by her grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Walter Buckley, to a senior who has demonstrated the same courage, friendliness, and love of Radnor that Illuminated Becky’s years in this school.

The RHS SAGA Award: Bennie Ploppa
Sexuality and Gender Alliance, or SAGA promotes acceptance and equity for students and adults who face challenges in the broader society because of their sexual orientation or gender orientation. As president, this year's winner led SAGA admirably for the past two years – two years during which issues of gender and sexuality have been prominent and stressful across the nation.

The RTEA Future Teacher Scholarship: Michael McNicholas and Jillian Spiller
The Radnor Township Education Association honors students who share the same dedication towards educating young people as its members. This award is given to a senior who intends to pursue a career as an educator.

The Sharon McNamara Library Award: Leanna Elebah
This award is given in honor of Mrs. Sharon McNamara a longtime library staff member at Radnor High School. She made the library a welcoming place where all students felt like they belonged. In appreciation of her dedication and kindness to the students, this award is given to a student who has used the library during their time at Radnor to become a life-long learner.

The Starfish Award: PJ Duffy, Claudia Gelles, and Lauren Kelley
The starfish story is about a young child picking starfish up and throwing them back into the ocean after a big storm has left them stranded on the beach.  An old man comments, and says to the boy, "There are miles and miles of beach, you can't possibly make a difference.”  With this comment the boy looks at the old man, picks up a starfish and throws it back into the ocean and says, "I made a difference to that one." This starfish award goes to senior members of the student ambassadors club that understand the meaning of making a difference just like the boy in this story.  They understand, "No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted." The recipients this year embody the true spirit of kindness and go out of their way to make a difference in people's lives daily.  They will truly make the world a better place just like they have made RHS a kinder and friendlier school for the past four years.

The Student Government Award: PJ Duffy, Lauren Kelley and Michael McNicholas
This year’s senior class officers have faced a most challenging year, navigating disappointments and triumphs while maintaining a positive outlook in holding the class and school together. In appreciation of their contributions, we thank our Executive Director of Student Affairs for her vision, patience, and conscientiousness. Similarly, we offer the same esteem and gratitude for your class president of FOUR YEARS! 

The Thomas Lynch Memorial Scholarship: Sophia Kaisermann
Tom Lynch, an exceptional member of the Class of 1987, lived his life with enthusiasm, openness, and joy.  Tom loved a new idea or a different approach to an old problem.  The student awarded the Thomas Lynch Memorial Scholarship best exemplifies Tom’s ability to approach learning as a way to deepen pleasure in life and in people.

The Wayne Miller Creative Writing Award: Sophia Kaisermann
This award is named in honor of longtime Radnor English teacher Wayne Miller, a person with deep Radnor roots and a devotion to creative expression. This award is given by the English department for excellence in creative writing. Our 2022 recipient has distinguished herself through her creativity and cleverness in academic assignments and in her extracurricular endeavors.

The We "R" Better Together Award: Cooper Roy
The Better Together organization was inspired by the examples of respect and inclusion exhibited by students at Radnor High School to their fellow special needs peers. Better Together is rooted in the notion that fully experiencing the breadth of diversity across the entire RHS community, including but not limited to the special needs population, benefits all. Every student has inherent uniqueness and value that can enhance the school experience through the power of social inclusion. The We R Better Together Award is to be presented to the RHS senior who best demonstrates a commitment to recognizing the dignity and value in their fellow students and strives to achieve the benefits of social inclusion across the student body for the good of the Radnor community.

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