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Last Day of School May Move to June 16 if No Snow Days

To date, the district has not had to use any emergency snow days so far this school year. Three snow days are built into the calendar and the last school day is currently listed as Tuesday, June 21. 

As a result of not having to use any snow days so far, last night the Curriculum Committee announced that it plans to bring an updated 2021-22 calendar to its April 5 meeting (adjusted from April 19) that would remove these unused emergency snow days and adjust the last day of school accordingly. Of course, this adjustment is dependent on continuing to not have to call any snow days.

If we continue to not have to call any snow days, the new last day of school would be Thursday, June 16. Should this be the case, underclass finals at RHS would also move to June 13, 14 and 15. Graduation would remain the same date (June 8), however end-of-year recognition ceremonies for 5th and 8th graders would be adjusted.

Let's hope this week's beautiful weather continues!

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