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"Remote Instructional Days" an Option When Schools Need to Close

Dear RTSD Staff, Parents and Students,

We have three built-in emergency ("snow") days on this year’s calendar (June 16, 17 and 20). If we don’t use any of the snow days, school ends for students on Thursday, June 16. If we go beyond three snow days, we need to add instructional days beginning June 22 and so on.

In an effort to "save summer days," we are going to try and not go beyond three snow days this year by utilizing "Remote Instructional Days" (View webpage). These days will involve teaching and learning online. Ideally, the days we plan to teach online, we will try and make that decision the night before. However, the timing of storms doesn’t always cooperate. A decision the night before could result in a storm that never fully materializes.

Our first storm could be a Remote Instructional Day or it could be a traditional snow day depending on the timing and circumstances of the storm. Most importantly, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. 

So snow days still exist in Radnor with the right storm. Remote Instructional Days also exist to help us save summer days. When we call a Remote Instructional Day, each building will provide parent and students with details about the structure of the day.  

I hope all our families can find time to enjoy this Holiday Season. I hope we can make it to break with no snow or Remote Instructional Days! 

Please take care,


Kenneth E. Batchelor
Superintendent of Schools

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