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Thanksgiving Comes Early at RHS

Students serve guests a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

On November 16, the Radnor High School community hosted its 30th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The event is a tradition that guests look forward to each year and this year was another great success. Close to 50 student volunteers set up, served dinner, cleaned up, and played music to the delight of the guests. The students made the event space welcoming and festive with decorations and flowers that celebrated the season. The students who volunteered to be servers not only served dinner, but chatted with local senior citizens, building intergenerational connections. The talented musicians performed a variety of songs, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the live entertainment. The student clean-up crew created to-go containers for the guests and organized the leftover food to be shared with our custodial staff and the Radnor Fire Department. The student crew even worked in the kitchen cleaning the serving dishes and utensils. One RHS Alumni who attended as a guest said, "I am very proud; Radnor High School is just as wonderful as I remember it". 

Radnor families generously donated food, drinks, decorations, and time to the event. Special thanks to Charlene Mastro for coordinating the night, and Tatyana Oksyuk, Maureen Pearlingi, Stephanie Querze, and Kathy Pearsall for helping with the event. Planning has already begun for next year’s event! 

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